Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ogden Airbnb Unit fined $100k for unlicensed rental

On Dec 5, Las Vegas City Council fined 2 Ogden units for illegal short-term rental. In both cases the rentals were operated by out-of-state owners, neither showed up for the hearing.

  • Unit 1806 was fined a total of $103,284.
  • Unit 2315 was fined $10,000.
At the hearing, City Code Enforcement Supervisor Vicky Ozuna described how Airbnb guests has reported Unit 2315 after receiving unusual instructions from the host:

Unit 2315 was also rented by Stephen Paddock in September 2017, during the Life is Beautiful festival. It was widely publicized that Paddock rented three separate unlicensed Airbnb units in the Ogden at that time, all overlooking the festival. Unit 2315 out-of-town owner-host reported that she never met Paddock, like other AirBNBs he checked in by remote control.

Unit 1806 was listed in 2017 as a 2-bedroom unit for 10 guests. A Cease and Desist Order was issued on Nov 30 2017. It continued to rent and 8 violations were found during a total of 27 inspections, resulting in minor fines. Eventually the City subpoenaed their AirBNB records, which showed 200 rental days from Dec 30 2017 to Sep 9 2018 - 25 days per month. This all added up to a total fine of $103,284.

1806 August guest review shows how they instruct guests to get around occupancy rules in the Ogden - just bring them in through the parking garage.

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